Bucket o' Software

A software consulting firm in Seattle, WA

Bucket o’ Software is a software development and consulting company based in Seattle, Washington. Our focus is producing robust, fun-to-use software. Currently we do most of our work on the iOS platform.

Need an app?

That’s what we do. Whether you have an existing code base to extend or just an idea, email us at info@bucketosoftware.com, tell us about your project and needs, and we’ll see if we can make it happen.

Our iOS Apps

Clyde vs. the Maze

A content-packed game in which players guide Clyde Michaels through 100 levels of monsters, secrets, and minigames. Bucket o’ Software developed all the game code and coordinated art, video, and music assets into the final product. iTunes App Store Link

Technologies Used: Objective-C, Cocos2d (2D game framework), OpenGL, UIKit, Core Data

Clyde vs. the Maze Lite

The free version of Clyde vs. the Maze has a sampling of 20 levels not found in the full game. After the full game hit the App Store in October 2011, we developed and submitted the Lite version in two days. iTunes App Store Link

Concert Rat

The mobile companion to concertrat.com, a site for sharing your live music photos & stories. Bucket o’ Software developed the iOS app as well as the server-side HTTP interface used by the app. iTunes App Store Link

Technologies Used: Objective-C, UIKit, Three20 (UI framework), PHP, MySQL


Bucket o’ Software was brought in to complete the in-progress Youbiq app after the departure of the lead programmer. With a great deal of core functionality still left to be implemented, we shipped the app in under two months. iTunes App Store Link

Technologies Used: Objective-C, UIKit, AV Foundation, Core Motion, Core Data

Something not working?

If a bug creeps in, we want to know about it. Send an email to help@bucketosoftware.com so we can fix it. Thanks!

Who are you?

Bucket o’ Software’s sole full-time employee is Alex Michaud, a lifelong programmer who cut his teeth on TI-99/4a BASIC back in the 80s. You can follow his occasional thoughts on code here on the blog and on Twitter at @bucketosoftware.